Friday, March 28, 2014

Haunted Condo and Other Creepy Things

This post, although it doesn't have many photos, I thought was interesting enough to write about. 

When we first arrived in our cute condo in Buenos Aires. I noticed a weird scratching that seemed to be coming from inside the wall, above the kitchen sink. 

Keep in mind that our condo was brand new and had never been lived in. There were only two condos per floor and the one beside us wasn't occupied. Also, our condo was a bachelor suite so it was essentially one big room with a small bathroom. There was a dog in the suite above us as we could hear him crying whenever his owner left and we could also hear him moving around. The scratching I heard was not from the dog upstairs. These details are important. 

So one night after a long day of exploring, Jenny and I were in bed early. We were woken up around 12:30am by a loud crash from the bathroom. Startled, we got up, kicked open the bathroom door and were surprised to see that nothing had fallen over or moved in the bathroom. 

We got back in to bed and that's when the scratching started. It was the same scratching sound I had heard when we arrived, except this time it sounded like it was in our condo. We were freaked out! Again, there was a loud crash from inside our condo, but we couldn't see anything that could warrant such a noise. In fact, I have a recording of it on my phone and it's creepy as hell. It eventually stopped and we fell asleep. 

The story doesn't end there. The next day when we were having drinks on a patio, an old gypsy woman approached our table. She was staring at me with a serious expression, and was trying to talk to me in Spanish. Since I don't speak a word of Spanish, I looked to Jenny to translate. All she kept saying to Jenny was "you'll translate, you'll translate" all while staring at me. It started to get uncomfortable when the woman became agitated that she had to tell me something but couldn't communicate with me. This lasted for about ten minutes until the server came to our table and listened in on what the woman was saying. This eventually left the woman frustrated and she marched away with dissatisfaction. 

The server explained that the woman was trying to tell me that she was a psychic and saw something that she wanted to tell me. The whole experience left me feeling creeped the fuck out! After that there weren't anymore weird noises in our condo, but I still felt terrified every night thereafter. 

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